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Reliable Durham Hail Damage Repair Services

No homeowner wants to experience a hail roof damage emergency, but it’s beyond control. Your home provides you with the first line of defense against natural elements. Your property’s roof gives protection to you from the harmful sun rays, wind, rain, and of course, hail. But when the hail storm occurs, it can cause severe damage to your roofing system.

It can harm your roof’s shingles, seams, and gutters. These are a few noticeable damages, but they can also cause some unseen damages below your roofing system. Only a trained and experienced roofing contractor can detect this damage to your roof. As an established Durham hail damage repair company in the region, we can analyze and detect both noticeable and unnoticeable damage to your roof and restore it to preserve its integrity and performance.

Hail is not the only thing that damages your roof. High winds can expose your roof to elements or open up its problem points. Storms can also tear shingles from your roof, causing leaks and structural destruction. Broken branches and tree trunks can also hit your roof, causing massive damage that may need a complete roof restoration. Our expert Durham roofing repair can help you with whatever the problem.

We visit your home and look for visible and invisible signs of hail damage that can put your home at risk. Our experts, after careful inspection, detect the problems and fix them quickly using the latest techniques, tools, and quality materials. Choosing our company for your hail damage repair services is the right step you take towards protecting your home from further damage.

Make a Claim for Your Durham NC Hail Damage Repair

If you need help making insurance claims for your Durham roofing repair, our company can guide and support you. Most insurance policies for homeowners provide coverage for weather-related roof damage but not for routine wear and tear. We can help you navigate your home insurance policy details and find if hail damage repairs and replacement is covered by your policy or not.

If you wish to file insurance claims for the roof damage repair or replacement, you must conduct a detailed inspection of your roof to assess the damage. We have worked with numerous insurance companies and homeowners to help them file their insurance claims for roofing damage due to hailstorms. We can help you throughout the process for accurate evaluation.

Once you file the claims, the insurance adjuster assesses them and all the documents. After your claims get approval, we can start working on your Durham hail damage repair project. By hiring us, you can get your roof back into its optimal shape and ready to face the next hailstorm most affordably and qualitatively possible.

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Roof Protection

Protect Your Roof with Durham Roofing Repair

At Tidal Roofing, we have experience dealing with all kinds of hail storm damage to different roofing systems. Our Durham NC hail damage repair company knows how to repair these damages quickly and safely within your budget. Contact us today for Durham roofing services.

Hail damage affects differently on various roofing materials

For instance, asphalt shingles may lose granules from their top layers, exposing them to the elements. This can lead to water leakage. When hailstones hit the shingles, they can develop small depressions in them. This can lead to water absorption by shingles and ultimately deterioration. They can also become loose, fall, or break after sustaining hail storm damage.

Slate roofing can also experience damage resulting from hailstorms, but it’s different from asphalt shingles damage. In many cases, slate roofing may resist hail storms, but in others, it may develop jagged holes resulting in breaking or cracking the panels. If a hail storm causes 20% to 30% damage to slate panels, your roof needs complete replacement.

We perform a detailed inspection of your roofing after a hailstorm to carefully evaluate the extent of the damage. Our team then gives you free upfront and honest estimate of the cost and if your roof needs replacement without any hidden charges. We ensure to restore your roof to its original condition and improve its performance and life so that you continue to enjoy complete peace of mind for years to come. If your roof needs replacement, we recommend the most suitable and affordable roofing system that meets your precise needs and give you optimal return on your investment.