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Storm Damage Roof Repair Durham

Storms can cause severe damage to your roof, causing stress for the homeowners, and unfortunately, they can occur at the most unexpected times. From windstorms to hailstorms and hurricanes, damage can strike in any form. You may think that storm has not caused any damage to your home, but actually, it has probably caused more than you have thought. If you observe fallen trees or power lines around your house, you should immediately schedule an inspection of your roof by an expert roofing company.

When the high winds accompany the storm, you may not be able to identify the damage depending on the roofing features and severity. But this doesn’t mean that damage has not occurred. At Tidal Roofing, we often fix common roof damages, including hail damage, water leakage due to lighting damage, and wind and storm damage. When disaster strikes your property, we are well-prepared to help you.

If your roof has missing shingle granules or asphalt shingles that you see lying in your yard following a storm, it’s confirmed that your roof has suffered some form of damage. We are providing professional roof repair in Durham, NC, to help your roof recover from the impact of weather destruction and elements.

Our trained and experienced roofers can help you navigate the complicated and tedious process of inspecting, fixing, and filing your insurance claims. We visit your home to assess the extent of damage and give you a free estimate. Plus, we help you present a quote to your insurance company and stay with you every step of the way to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Professional Roof Repair Durham NC

Even if you cannot observe the wind damage or it’s not detectable following any kind of storm, it can appear in the form of leaks or cracks in your ceilings. This can damage your belongings and, if left unattended, can lead to severe problems and destruction such as burst water pipes or electricity circuit failure. Therefore, you should immediately get in touch with professional roof repair in Durham, NC, for a thorough roof inspection. Even if the damage is not apparent right away, you shouldn’t consider going up to your roof to inspect it as it can be dangerous. You can trust our professional roof repair company for your detailed residential roof inspection following the storm and high winds.

Our professional and experienced roofers conduct an in-depth inspection of your roof to identify any signs of damage. We determine the extent of damage the storm or hail damage might have caused to your roofing and repair it through our experts using premium quality materials that match your roofing system. Rest assured that we never compromise on our products, materials, and service quality because your satisfaction and safety are our priority! We use the latest techniques, technology, and highest safety standards to ensure that you and your property stay safe and protected throughout the process.

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Our Durham roof repair gives you complete confidence that your roofing project is handled by local professionals whom thousands of clients have put their trust. We ensure to remove and precisely install your roofing system according to manufacture guidelines to increase its life and durability. Whether you need roofing repair or replacement, you can rely on our impeccable workmanship, expertise, and quality materials that make us your go-to local roofing contractors in Durham, NC.

We have partnered with the leading roofing system providers to give you maximum savings on the new roofing

It’s often a common practice for the unprofessional roofing companies to flood the area where storm strikes as if that damage is not enough to the homeowners. They are basically looking to make some quick money from already distressed and vulnerable homeowners following the storm event. These inexperienced and out-of-town companies even recommend complete roof replacement to loot money from your pocket in such situations. You need to beware of such looters and only trust the local Durham roof repair company that only ethically works to preserve the integrity of your home.

At Tidal Roofing Durham, NC, we never take advantage of homeowners’ troubles. We work with you as your most trusted partner to inspect your roof and give you honest suggestions with upfront free estimates. After investigation, if we find that your roof has experienced severe damage beyond repair, we may recommend replacement.